How to be healthy in fall?

In the fall, all kinds of serious illnesses and illnesses began to “uninvited.” Therefore, autumn health becomes very important. In the autumn health, we must achieve “3 do not eat”, “4 do not do”, “5 accompanying”, and few sick in autumn and winter! Three don’t eat 1, do not eat cold things After the fall, everything […]

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a degenerative neurological degenerative disease that develops insidiously. Clinically, it is characterized by memory impairment, aphasia, indiscriminateness, loss of recognition, visual spatial impairment, executive dysfunction, and changes in personality and behavior, and the etiology has not been known so far. Before the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease; […]

Squat is good for body

” Squat” can reduce the accumulation of fat, exercise on the muscles such as the thigh, calf, waist and abdomen, can enhance the flexibility and symmetry of the human body, and the correct kneeling posture has a great effect on health. Reduce sedentary injury After sedentary, doing squats can move joints, relax muscles, and improve balance, […]

Six common senses that mislead the elderly!

Let the elderly care for their bodies and pay attention to health, which is what the elderly friends have been doing. We hope that every old man will be happy in their later years.However, in our lives, many things we think are right are actually wrong. It is necessary to correct in time. please look down: More oil and salt, Each […]

5 kinds of eye diseases

As the age continues to increase, many elderly people are in their later years, their physical condition is slowly weakening, and some diseases are prone to occur. Eye diseases are one of them, causing the elderly to see things unclear. Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to the elderly. People’s physical changes, but also pay […]

How do the elderly care for health?

Some people think that the health care of the elderly is nothing more than eating, drinking and exercising. Actually, it is not. The development of medical science has given the elderly health care a newer, broader and more scientific content. Only by using scientific knowledge to maintain health care and we can achieve the goal […]