How to delay dementia disease

Alzheimer’s, we should be no stranger. Such a crowd is not uncommon around us. Seeing them, we can’t help but have some sympathy and compassion. I always think about whether we will have such a problem one day. Alzheimer’s disease has plagued many families and brought them tremendous mental stress and economic pressure. Alzheimer’s disease […]

How to be healthy in fall?

In the fall, all kinds of serious illnesses and illnesses began to “uninvited.” Therefore, autumn health becomes very important. In the autumn health, we must achieve “3 do not eat”, “4 do not do”, “5 accompanying”, and few sick in autumn and winter! Three don’t eat 1, do not eat cold things After the fall, everything […]

How do the elderly care for health?

Some people think that the health care of the elderly is nothing more than eating, drinking and exercising. Actually, it is not. The development of medical science has given the elderly health care a newer, broader and more scientific content. Only by using scientific knowledge to maintain health care and we can achieve the goal […]