5 kinds of eye diseases

As the age continues to increase, many elderly people are in their later years, their physical condition is slowly weakening, and some diseases are prone to occur. Eye diseases are one of them, causing the elderly to see things unclear. Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to the elderly. People’s physical changes, but also pay attention to their daily life, the five kinds of eye diseases that the elderly are prone to in their later years.
This phenomenon occurs in most people over the age of 45: it is suddenly difficult to see things at close range, and the ability to look far is still good. At a certain age, eyesight is followed. Not only that, but also the arrival of diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Eyelid varus

Also known as “sexual varus”, it is one of the common eye diseases in the elderly. The patient often turns inward due to the edge of the lower eyelid. When the eye is blinked, the black eyeball (corneal) is often stimulated by the eyelashes, the tears are paralyzed, and the white of the eye (the conjunctiva) is red and congested, causing superficial keratitis. In severe cases, the black eyeball can …