Squat is good for body

” Squat” can reduce the accumulation of fat, exercise on the muscles such as the thigh, calf, waist and abdomen, can enhance the flexibility and symmetry of the human body, and the correct kneeling posture has a great effect on health.

Reduce sedentary injury

After sedentary, doing squats can move joints, relax muscles, and improve balance, thus reducing sedentary damage to the body.

Treating stomach problems

In the book “The Last 100 Days of Nan Huai”, “Beggars squat ” was introduced to help treat stomach problems. If you can persist for a long time, you can even have the magical function of growing and growing. If you eat too much, this is the best way to help digestion quickly.

It is beneficial for heart

When people are squatting, it is conducive to energy and blood flow, cardiopulmonary blood flow is relatively abundant, can relieve arteriosclerosis, reduce blood lipids, and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and stroke; squat can also increase the range of chest and lung activity to improve our heart and lung function.


Squats can also consume fat, so it is also a good way to lose weight, especially in the waist, hips, abdomen, and legs.

Lubricate the joint

The kneeling posture is a good stretching exercise for the tissue around the joint by regular folding of the lower limbs, and is especially suitable for the knee joint and the hip joint.

Promote energy and blood running

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the lower limbs and the feet are the roots of the body’s essence and the pool of blood.

Through exercise, the more energetic our lower limbs, the stronger the heart will be. The blood circulation of the lower limbs is good, so that the blood at the distal end of the limb can be pushed back to the heart, so that the whole body can run smoothly without stagnation in the lower limbs. The blood of the lower extremities is smooth, and the tendons are supported. Therefore, there is a saying that “the energy runing is blood running, the blood running is health for body.”

Prevent and improve impotence

It is important to prevent male ED and strengthen exercise, especially in the lower body. Men often lick, can strengthen the waist muscles, and not easy to feel tired.

Men’s pelvic muscles are exercised, which also increases blood supply throughout the pelvis and male reproductive organs and improves male sexual function.

Exercise lower limb muscles

Targeted squat exercise can enhance knee stability and lower limb muscle strength, thereby promoting speed, explosiveness, and endurance, while building thighs and buttocks.

Different postures, different effects

Although it is just a simple embarrassment, there are also several kneeling positions.

Beggars squat can preventstomach disease

He is praised by many people for his shackles. After dinner, he has a particularly good effect. He once said: “As long as you stick to it, you can use it endlessly.” In short, it’s just like holding your hands on your knees and your ass as far as possible. Butt not touch the ground, waist, back, head as far as possible in a straight line, shut up when inhaling, slightly open mouth when exhaling. Specific steps are as follows:

first step:

After a meal, find a wall, it is best to find a comfortable cushion (not too soft).

The second step:

Standing in front of the wall, kneeling down, kneeling straight, leaning against the wall or leaning against the cushion. The ladies’ feet are close together and they kneel down. The men’s feet are slightly separated (not both feet together), knees and knees, so that the crotch is not clamped and the crotch can be relaxed. It is important to pay attention to this detail.

third step:

Hands with a hole in the handprint, naturally placed on the knees to relax.

the fourth step:

The head should be in the middle, and the top of the head will be in a straight line with the perineal point. The butt is off the ground and squeezes on the calf.

Chair cushion: protect the knee joint

Use your back and lumbosacral part to rest on the back of your chair. Do not lower your hips below your knees. The exercise time can be gradually extended, preferably 2-4 minutes, to protect the knee joint.

Tiptoe squat protection Kidney

The forefoot of both feet is on the ground and the heel is lifted off the ground. The knees are bent, the thighs are pressed against the calves, and the time is controlled in 30 seconds – 1 minute.

When the toes are squat, the medial forefoot and the big toe of the foot play a supporting role, while the foot Shaoyin, the foot Taiyin and the liver and the foot Taiyin spleen pass through here, and stimulate the foot Sanyin to warm the kidney yang. However, because the action is difficult, half a minute is enough to avoid persistent strain or cramps.

Bow step squat detoxification

The practitioner took the left foot, and the right foot tipped the ground to the toes, and the legs were lunged. Drop the body weight between your feet and change the left and right feet for 30 seconds.

The buttocks are the main switches of the six meridians in the legs, and they are also the bridges connecting the blood and the lower blood on the human body. When the lunge is squatted, it will be applied to the buttocks muscles to achieve the effect of detoxification of the buttocks.


To do any squatting, you need to have a chest and abdomen, keep your upper body straight, and your knees should be aligned with your toes.

In addition, keeping any kind of posture for a long time hurts health, and the kneeling posture is the same. When you get up, you must be slow, so as not to feel dizzy and unstable.

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