Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the epilator

Hair removal means that the body hair is too long or too thick,especially some women’s lips are thick and thick, it looks like a long beard, which seriously affects the appearance of women. Through the hair removal technology and products, the hair of the crotch, legs, hands and other parts is removed to achieve a clean and beautiful effect. At present, due to the pursuit of fashion, individual men will also remove hair from the prosperous beard.

In summer, the saddest thing is not the high temperature in the hot sun, but the wasted good shape. But because of the thick body hair, you can’t wear beautiful summer clothes. How to do? After using the hair removal cream, the hair is getting longer for a short time; hair can’t be completely shaved with a razor; how should I do? It’s time to buy an electric hair remover. The epilator can unplug the hair by using a gear that rotates at a high speed. So what are the disadvantages and advantages of electric hair removal?

  • Advantages of the electric hair removal device

Everyone knows that the hair will be heavier and heavier after shaving. This is because, on the one hand, scraping hair stimulates hair into the next growth period, on the other hand, our body hairs are needle-like, the finest tip. The scraped hair is only the upper part of the whole hair, and the edges become dull, the newly grown hair is actually the original hair root. Visually, it will look thicker. Although the use of the shaver is relatively wide, including our private parts, where the hair can be shaved, quickly remove hair from the skin surface. But after one-time elimination, the hair growth cycle is very short, and it may grow again after three or five days. Moreover, the newly grown body hair will be thicker and harder, and it feels like a hedgehog.

You don’t have to worry about using the epilator. If it is operated correctly, its hair removal effect is very good. If the hair can be uprooted from the hair follicle, it will only need to be removed again every three to four weeks, and the newly grown hair will be softer. Because the newly grown hair is a brand new hair, it also takes time to probe the surface of the skin from the hair follicle, which extends the growth cycle of the new hair. Hair removal can bring long-lasting smooth skin. After depilation, you can get smooth skin for up to four weeks. This is because the root hair removal is compared to the surface hair removal such as shaving and hair removal cream, it takes a long time for the hair to grow again. In addition, newborn hair will become finer and softer.

  1. hair removal effect is more efficient than wax removal

Although both the epilator and the beeswax can remove hair from the roots, beeswax will keep the hair close to the skin, making it difficult to lift the hair and remove it. The short hair (0.5mm) of sand-sized size can be removed by Braun’s gripping technique. Easily keep skin smooth for weeks.

  • gentle hair removal

As the number of hair removal increases, you will feel the first time the hair loss is significantly weakened. Regular use of the Braun Silk-épil 7 Epilator brings you the mystery of a painless hair removal experience.

  • re-growth hair is more subtle

First, after the roots are depilated, the hair that grows again is softer and more subtle, so the touch is softer compared with a razor. Second, since the rate of hair regrowth depends on the hair growth cycle, there is less hair to be removed after the first few hair removals.

  • hair removal is not only suitable for the legs

Silk-Epil epilators can be equipped with different accessories depending on the model you choose. The accessories are designed for superior hair removal in different parts of the body.

  • hair removal for sensitive skin

Hair removal is a new hair removal solution designed for modern women during bathing. This is ideal for sensitive skin and new hair removal. Since the clip on the epilating head does not pull the skin directly when the hair is removed, it minimizes the irritation to the skin. Frequent shaving during cold or dry seasons can cause irritation to the skin, so hair removal is ideal.

  • The drawbacks of the electric hair removal device

Any kind of thing is two-sided, and the electric epilator isn’t an exception. When women use the electric epilator, the hair is caught and then pulled out. It will inevitably cause pain, which will make the body particularly uncomfortable. If using an electric epilator, remove large areas of hair, at the same time as the hair is pulled out, it is bound to cause irritation and damage to the pores, thereby damaging the capillaries. In this case, people’s skin will ooze blood due to capillary damage, and a large area of “redness” will appear in the lower layer of the skin, which will affect the beauty of women.

 Furthermore, if the pores are damaged, again and again, the pores will become thicker, the skin becomes slack, and the firmness of elasticity is lacking. It will make the skin dull, no matter how white the skin is, it will affect the visual effect. In addition, thickening of the pores of the skin will make the pores become a place for some dirt and dirt. The garbage in the pores will increase, and dark spots will appear on the skin, and the beauty will be greatly weakened.

  1. Bacterial infection

Some people have not cleaned after using the epilator. Such an epilator will leave bacteria and even rust, and in the next use, it will cause unnecessary bacterial infection to the skin of the hair removal area, which is one of the side effects of using an epilator.

  • Scratching the skin

After all, the epilator has a knife head. Sometimes it is easy to scratch the skin because of the angle of use, so there is no way to remove the hair in the area.

  • Prone to failure

The epilator needs electricity to maintain its operation. The use of such epilators is mostly used during bathing, which can easily damage the epilator. This can cause waste and side effects of battery contamination.

  • Easy to make mistakes

Because the epilator uses electromagnetic waves for hair removal, its hair removal is permanent. Some people may blindly remove hair without knowing it, which is a side effect that is easy to make mistakes.

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