How to delay dementia disease

Alzheimer’s, we should be no stranger. Such a crowd is not uncommon around us. Seeing them, we can’t help but have some sympathy and compassion. I always think about whether we will have such a problem one day. Alzheimer’s disease has plagued many families and brought them tremendous mental stress and economic pressure. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive degenerative neurological degenerative disease. Clinically, it is characterized by memory impairment, aphasia, indiscriminateness, loss of recognition, visual-spatial impairment, executive dysfunction, and changes in personality and behavior, and the etiology has not been known so far. Before the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease; after the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common diseases leading to cognitive dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly people. Many people think that dementia is the result of natural aging, and old people will be confused and there is no need to treat them. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic disease that cures if it is a disease. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is concealed, and the disease continues to progress. Only early intervention and early prevention and early treatment can effectively delay the progress of Alzheimer’s disease and improve the quality of life of patients in later life.

Seven dangerous signs of Alzheimer’s disease

1. Short-term memory loss

Short-term memory declines, but the past things are remembered very clearly, and even the details are not missed. This is actually one of the manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease, and it has gradually evolved to include all memory loss, including recent memory and long-term memory.

However, if the memory degradation is not obvious at first, it is difficult for the family to detect. The patient and his family often take it for granted that these symptoms are normal manifestations of natural aging, thus neglecting hospital visits.

2. Repeat the same thing

There are also some manifestations of the symptoms of memory loss. For example, repeatedly speaking the same thing, the language is poor and empty, at first it is a speech, and then it may develop into logic, self-talk, etc.; repeat the same simple The behavior, such as shopping for multiple payments, cooking and repeating salt and so on.

3. Intellectual decline

The level of intelligence has dropped. For example, simple arithmetic calculations such as grocery shopping are unclear. Originally, it was an English teacher, but even the simplest words could not be spelled. It used to be a skilled old driver, driving a car but suddenly getting lost, etc. The decline in performance requires attention, and it cannot be simply thought that the age of the brain is slow.

4. Can’t recognize the way home

The “vision space” function of patients with early Alzheimer’s disease has been impaired, and they may not know the way home when they go out alone.

5. The character suddenly changes

“Apathetic” is a common early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Personality changes often occur in the early stages of the disease. Patients become less active, less active, lonely, selfish, and less interested in their surroundings. However, some people who have been introverted suddenly become extroverted. Many elderly people have developed Alzheimer’s disease, but they like to go out to play, so they also increase the risk of the elderly being lost.

6. “Love Collection” is a treasure

“Collection behavior” is also a typical symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. The patient picks up the ruin as a treasure, seeing everything outside and going home.

7. Suspicious

“Music disorder” is the first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, but in the middle of the period, the patient may have mental and behavioral disorders, such as auditory hallucinations, illusions, stolen thoughts, murderous delusions, exaggerated delusions, etc. Extramarital affairs and other ideas that are born out of nothing. Suspicious, “persecution delusions”, “stolen thoughts”, etc., are typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Measures to delay Alzheimer’s disease

1. Prevention of arteriosclerosis. History of stroke, cerebral arteriosclerosis, asymptomatic cerebral infarction, asymptomatic cerebrovascular disease are the main “enemies” of dementia, early detection, and early treatment.

2. Balanced diet, light, variety, ensure the supply of protein, avoid excessive intake of salt and animal fat, eat more foods rich in vitamins and cellulose.

3. Avoid excessive drinking, smoking, and regular life. Excessive drinking can lead to liver dysfunction and abnormal brain function. Excessive drinking is prone to alcoholic encephalopathy, vascular dementia; smoking does not only cause vascular dementia, but also an important risk of cardiovascular events.

4. Add beneficial minerals and trace elements. Lack of essential trace elements (such as zinc) can cause the insufficient blood supply to the brain, causing vascular disease and leading to dementia.

5. Frequent activity fingers. In addition to systemic activities, try to move your fingers as much as possible. Often doing some complicated and exquisite handwork will promote the vitality of the brain. Cooking, writing diaries, playing musical instruments, painting, etc. all have the effect of preventing dementia.

6. Actively use the brain, work and rest, protect the brain, and cultivate a variety of interests, such as reading books, playing chess, playing intellectual games, etc., can activate brain cells and prevent brain aging. A high level of interest and curiosity about things can increase people’s attention and prevent memory loss. Older people should do more things of interest and participate in public welfare activities, social activities, etc. to strengthen brain function.

7. Avoid using aluminum cookware and eating foods containing aluminum. Aluminum salt enters the human body and first deposits in the brain, which can induce Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Carry out appropriate physical exercise, choose appropriate sports, step by step, a moderate amount, and avoid strenuous exercise. It can enhance brain thinking activities, speed up brain blood circulation and brain cell metabolism.

9. Family harmony. Avoid bad mental stimulation, such as nervousness, depression, loneliness, etc., maintain optimistic mood, happy mood, proactive way, communicate with the outside world, make more friends, actively participate in social activities, and enhance disease resistance.

These methods of delaying Alzheimer’s disease can be easily realized in life. Don’t give up because of the cumbersome things, and appeal to the majority of middle-aged and old friends to pay attention to their health!

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