Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the epilator

Hair removal means that the body hair is too long or too thick,especially some women’s lips are thick and thick, it looks like a long beard, which seriously affects the appearance of women. Through the hair removal technology and products, the hair of the crotch, legs, hands and other parts is removed to achieve a clean and beautiful effect. At present, due to the pursuit of fashion, individual men will also remove hair from the prosperous beard.

In summer, the saddest thing is not the high temperature in the hot sun, but the wasted good shape. But because of the thick body hair, you can’t wear beautiful summer clothes. How to do? After using the hair removal cream, the hair is getting longer for a short time; hair can’t be completely shaved with a razor; how should I do? It’s time to buy an electric hair remover. The epilator can unplug the hair by using a gear that rotates at a high speed. So what are the disadvantages and advantages of electric hair removal?

  • Advantages of the electric hair removal device

Everyone knows that the hair will be heavier and heavier after shaving. This is because, on the one hand, …

How to delay dementia disease

Alzheimer’s, we should be no stranger. Such a crowd is not uncommon around us. Seeing them, we can’t help but have some sympathy and compassion. I always think about whether we will have such a problem one day. Alzheimer’s disease has plagued many families and brought them tremendous mental stress and economic pressure. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive degenerative neurological degenerative disease. Clinically, it is characterized by memory impairment, aphasia, indiscriminateness, loss of recognition, visual-spatial impairment, executive dysfunction, and changes in personality and behavior, and the etiology has not been known so far. Before the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease; after the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common diseases leading to cognitive dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly people. Many people think that dementia is the result of natural aging, and old people will be confused and there is no need to treat them. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic disease that cures if it is a disease. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is concealed, and the disease continues to progress. Only early intervention and early prevention and early treatment can effectively delay the progress …

How to prevent osteoporosis for the old people

Everyone knows that when people are old and middle-aged, osteoporosis is prone to occur, and osteoporosis is very harmful. So what is osteoporosis? What are the manifestations of osteoporosis? For the elderly, what are the measures to prevent osteoporosis? Let’s learn together today.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease characterized by decreased bone mass and microstructural destruction of the bone, manifested by increased fragility of the bone, and thus the risk of fracture is greatly increased, even for minor trauma or Fractures are also prone to occur without trauma. Osteoporosis is a chronic disease caused by multiple factors. There is usually no special clinical manifestation before the fracture occurs. More women than men are common in postmenopausal women and the elderly. The most important factor in osteoporosis is heredity. If the parents have osteoporosis, have had a fragility fracture, and have a higher probability of osteoporosis and brittle fracture, they are higher than the average person. Followed by age. Before the age of 30, the activity of osteoblasts was higher than that of osteoclasts, and the bone density generally increased. After 30 years old, it gradually decreased. Finally, lifestyle, underweight, excessive drinking, smoking, lack of physical exercise, …

How to be healthy in fall?

In the fall, all kinds of serious illnesses and illnesses began to “uninvited.” Therefore, autumn health becomes very important.

In the autumn health, we must achieve “3 do not eat”, “4 do not do”, “5 accompanying”, and few sick in autumn and winter!

Three don’t eat

1, do not eat cold things

After the fall, everything converges, and you should pay attention not to eat cold things. Cold food can cause yang deficiency in the body and endanger health.

Do not drink iced drinks, ice beer, these will stimulate the stomach, causing disharmony between the spleen and stomach, resulting in heavy moisture in the body.

Do not eat watermelon, watermelon is also known as “cold melon”, autumn should not eat too much watermelon, the folks have “autumn water- melon bad belly” said.

Especially those who suffer from spleen and stomach deficiency, do not greet watermelon in autumn, which will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and endanger the health of the spleen and stomach.

2, do not eat spicy things

In autumn, it is easy to make “autumn dryness”. At this time, you should pay attention to eating less or not eating spicy things.

Barbecue, chill, ginger, pepper and other …

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a degenerative neurological degenerative disease that develops insidiously. Clinically, it is characterized by memory impairment, aphasia, indiscriminateness, loss of recognition, visual spatial impairment, executive dysfunction, and changes in personality and behavior, and the etiology has not been known so far. Before the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease; after the age of 65, the disease is called Alzheimer’s disease.


The disease may be a heterogeneous disease that develops under a variety of factors, including biological and psychosocial factors. According to the current research, there are more than 30 possible factors and hypotheses of the disease, such as family history, female, head trauma, low education level, thyroid disease, too high or too low maternal age, and viral infection. The following factors are related to the onset of the disease:

1.Family history

Most epidemiological studies suggest that family history is a risk factor for the disease. Some of the family members of the family suffer from the same disease than the general population, and the risk of congenital disease is increased. Further genetic studies have confirmed that the disease may be caused by autosomal dominant genes. Recently, through gene mapping studies, it was …

Squat is good for body

” Squat” can reduce the accumulation of fat, exercise on the muscles such as the thigh, calf, waist and abdomen, can enhance the flexibility and symmetry of the human body, and the correct kneeling posture has a great effect on health.

Reduce sedentary injury

After sedentary, doing squats can move joints, relax muscles, and improve balance, thus reducing sedentary damage to the body.

Treating stomach problems

In the book “The Last 100 Days of Nan Huai”, “Beggars squat ” was introduced to help treat stomach problems. If you can persist for a long time, you can even have the magical function of growing and growing. If you eat too much, this is the best way to help digestion quickly.

It is beneficial for heart

When people are squatting, it is conducive to energy and blood flow, cardiopulmonary blood flow is relatively abundant, can relieve arteriosclerosis, reduce blood lipids, and reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and stroke; squat can also increase the range of chest and lung activity to improve our heart and lung function.


Squats can also consume fat, so it is also a good way to lose weight, especially in the waist, hips, abdomen, …

Six common senses that mislead the elderly!

Let the elderly care for their bodies and pay attention to health, which is what the elderly friends have been doing. We hope that every old man will be happy in their later years.
However, in our lives, many things we think are right are actually wrong. It is necessary to correct in time. please look down:

More oil and salt,

Each old person cannot eat more than one cap of salt per day.
Stir-fry cooking with as little oil as possible can reduce the risk of high blood lipids and coronary heart disease.
It is right to put less oil and salt when cooking, but some people over-pursuit of “low oil and low salt”, or even simply do not eat, which is not good for health.
Excessive salt restriction will cause insufficient sodium intake, which will make the osmotic pressure inside and outside the body imbalance, promote water into the cells, induce brain edema, and cause disturbance of consciousness in the light. Serious problems such as heart rate acceleration, nausea and vomiting may occur.
Edible oil is also a necessity. If you do not consume cooking oil at all, it may lead to the lack of some nutrients.…

5 kinds of eye diseases

As the age continues to increase, many elderly people are in their later years, their physical condition is slowly weakening, and some diseases are prone to occur. Eye diseases are one of them, causing the elderly to see things unclear. Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to the elderly. People’s physical changes, but also pay attention to their daily life, the five kinds of eye diseases that the elderly are prone to in their later years.
This phenomenon occurs in most people over the age of 45: it is suddenly difficult to see things at close range, and the ability to look far is still good. At a certain age, eyesight is followed. Not only that, but also the arrival of diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Eyelid varus

Also known as “sexual varus”, it is one of the common eye diseases in the elderly. The patient often turns inward due to the edge of the lower eyelid. When the eye is blinked, the black eyeball (corneal) is often stimulated by the eyelashes, the tears are paralyzed, and the white of the eye (the conjunctiva) is red and congested, causing superficial keratitis. In severe cases, the black eyeball can …

How do the elderly care for health?

Some people think that the health care of the elderly is nothing more than eating, drinking and exercising. Actually, it is not. The development of medical science has given the elderly health care a newer, broader and more scientific content. Only by using scientific knowledge to maintain health care and we can achieve the goal of longevity. So, how do the elderly grasp the scientific nature of health care?

Reasonable diet is the foundation

In real life, there are many factors related to the health and longevity of the elderly. Among them, “reasonable diet” is the foundation. The Chinese Nutrition Society has recently formulated the principle of healthy eating for Chinese residents: food is diverse, cereals are dominant; vegetables, fruits and potatoes should be eaten; milk, beans or their products should be often eaten; and fish, poultry and eggs should be often eaten. Lean meat, eat less fat and oyster sauce; balance the amount of food and physical activity, maintain a suitable weight; eat a diet that is light and salt-free; drink should be limited; eat clean, non-deteriorating food.
The proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the three types of heat sources: carbohydrates accounted for 70%, fat accounted for …